Favourite Green and Red Copic Marker Combinations

Hi All,

This post is a bit of combination of a post I wrote on my old blog and some new thoughts about favourite greens and reds now that I have expanded my copic marker collection. Remember this is just my personal opinion.  I’ll start with the greens.  I love the bright green colour that the combination of YG00, YG03 and YG06 gives.  You may think YG00 looks pretty yellow but if you do a couple of layers it definitely looks more green.

Another favourite green combination is YG63 and YG67. This combination is nice for colouring leaves.

A more olive type green combination is YG91 and YG93.

The combination of G21, G28 and G29 is also a really nice combination, with the G21 being quite pale though.  The G29 is a lovely mid green kind of colour.

Another group of greens that is quite handy to have is G000, G00, G02, G05, G07.  If you use the beginning couple of colours you get quite a pale green, then up to the G07 gives a brighter green.

When colouring with reds, it has been my experience that you may need to work a little more at the blending since red is quite a strong colour but it is definitely worth the effort.  My favourite reds are R20, R22, R27 and R29 – this is a lovely bright red combination.

The other combination I like is R32, R35 and R37.

A new favourite for the reds is R000, R00, R02 and R05.  The R000 is a very pale colour and gives a kind of peachy colour.  The R05 is a slightly orange-ish red but is also still a lovely colour.

And I do love my R81, R83 and R89 but these are more pink in colour.

Remember this is definitely not an exhaustive list, but hopefully this gives you some ideas about where you could start with getting some green and red copic markers. Lots of card makers list the copic marker colours so keep a look out for combinations that you like.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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