Brown Hair Combinations with Copic Markers – Card 1

Hi All,

Earlier I posted a pic of four of the cards I made to give to my daughter’s teachers at the end of the year.  This is the first more detailed post about the cards (you can find the pic of the four of them next to each other here – just in case you want to see the hair colours next to each other in a photo) .  I coloured Sweetheart Marci 4 times with different shades of brown hair colours just to give a comparison.  The other copic markers used were pretty much the same so that the focus could be on the different hair colours.  Please bear in mind that it is difficult to capture colour exactly when you format pictures for the internet but the photographs in this series do give a pretty good representation of the hair colours.  I prefer to spend more time making the cards than editing the photographs too much!

This Marci was coloured with one of my favourite combinations for hair which is E31, E33, E35 and E37.  This combination is great when you are first starting out with copic markers.

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