Copic Marker Bleeding Out of the Lines

Hi All,

I have had a couple of people who have recently started out with copic markers asking me questions and having some trouble with the marker ‘bleeding’ out of the lines.  In my experience (remember I am not copic certified so it just my thoughts) this happens when the paper gets over-saturated ie there is just too much ink.  So whilst it is important to get enough ink into the paper that you get great colour and blending, it is important not to have too much ink!  I had this happen to me a few times when I first started out too, particularly when doing hair and faces.  Just remember that the ink starts coming out as soon as the tip touches the paper.  This may also be more of issue if you have new markers or they are just refilled as they will hopefully be nice and ‘juicy’.  As you get the hang of the using the markers you will get to know how wet is just the right amount for your style of colouring and your paper.  I think this may make it sound like it is more difficult than it is, but it is like lots of new things in that it may a little bit of time and practice to work out.  Happy Colouring!

Thanks for stopping by.


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