Favourite photography links

Hi everyone,

I don’t have a specific project to share with you today as I wanted to share some of my favourite photography links.  Before I do, I will let you know what my photography gear is – My digital SLR is a Nikon d5100 and I have the kit lenses that come with that camera.  I also have a Nikon 35 mm f 1.8 lens which I love.  I am happy with my stuff but it is certainly not top of the line! There are so many choices out there!

I recently did an online photography course called The Photographers Workshop by Karen Russell (you can check out her blog here).  It was fabulous and my photography skills improved heaps.  I still have a lot more to learn and a lot more practising to do but I went from shooting on Auto or sometimes Aperture Priority Mode to being able to shoot in full manual mode and better than that – knowing how to use my camera!  So even though I don’t always get things right I have ideas on what to try to ‘fix’ the problem.  I can’t recommend it enough (I don’t get any benefit from saying all this so there is no hidden agenda here).  I figure if you discover something great why not share it!  If you have any questions about my experience on the course leave me a comment and I will be sure to reply.

Another thing I found out about whilst doing Karen’s course is CreativeLive.  IF you haven’t heard of it, here’s a basic description (by me).  The CreativeLive team organise online workshops presented by a range of different photographers and on a range of different topics that are FREE for the time that they are on (you do get an opportunity to see the rewatch – to account for different time zones since it is watched by people world wide).  If you like the course you can then purchase it and download it – pretty much try before you buy.  Most of the workshops go for 3 days and the ones that I have watched have been excellent.  At times there have been some things that don’t interest me so much ie related to having photography business but I have learnt heaps from what I have watched.  I have seen workshops on editing photographs, posing, using speedlights, photographing babies and children, glamour photography etc.  So if you want to improve your photography or editing skills, it is worth checking out.

There are also some photographers blogs that I check out sometimes because I like or feel inspired by the kind of photos they take.

Erin Cobb

Tara Whitney

Kevin and Amanda

I love the book “Expressive Photography – A guide to shooting from the Heart”.  You can find out more about the book and The Shutter Sisters here 

And for storytelling photographs and ideas for photographing ordinary life, Ali Edwards takes some great photos.I love the work she does and she has a really great way of also focusing on the journalling aspect of memory keeping too. Capture your 365 by Katrina Kennedy is also a great place for inspiration for photographing the everyday.

I’ll stop there as there are heaps of great sources of photography inspiration and these are just a few of my favourites.  Hope you get to check them out and find some inspiration too.  I would love to hear about your favourite blogs – photography, stamping, scrapbooking and ones that are a mix, so please leave me a comment with the links so I can check them out too.

Have a great week!


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