A star stencil and home decor

Hi everyone,

Last weekend we gave my youngest son’s bedroom a little bit of a make-over.  Nothing too dramatic though.  He loves stars and planets as a result of watching Little Einsteins counting the planets in space to get Rocket to go to sleep.  So we added some glow in the dark stars, a new quilt cover and I re-did the pelmet.  I didn’t want to make a new pelmet so I had to work with the light blue fabric that was already there and cover over the areas that had previously had iron-on images on it (it was previously my other son’s bedroom).

I had some Adirondack Colour Wash Mist in Denim and so I just sprayed that over The Crafters Workshop Start Shower stencil in some of the areas.  I sprayed quite liberally since I wanted to get the darker colour and I wasn’t too worried if the images were not totally crisp.  I bought some fabric that matched the colours in the quilt.  I still haven’t decided if I will add some extra details or just leave the strips of colour plain.  Feel free to offer suggestions 🙂

Thanks for stopping by,



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