A messy desk and too many projects at once

Hi everyone,

I always like to see how others organise their craft supplies, whether they have a whole room or just a bunch of containers that they pull out of a cupboard somewhere when they want to scrap.  Most of the time people show their stuff well organised and nice tidy desks.  Well that isn’t me at the moment!  I do have things basically organised but at the moment I have had 7 different projects on the go (one of them is my half made card!) so I have quite a bit of chaos.  Anyways I thought I would stop by to share my messy desk and a sneak peak for the Weekend Workshop coming up in September.    September also marks the beginning of spring here too, so hopefully  less winter colds and coughs in my little family. Sick kids = less sleep + less crafting time too.

I will be back soon with a layout for Get It Scrapped and then I am sure I will have finished my card!  My aim is to get back to more regular blog posts with more cards too.

Thanks for stopping by.



messy desk

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