Organising Your Scrapbook Albums

Hi everyone,

We had a great time at the weekend workshop a couple of weeks ago so thank you to the ladies for coming along.  One person asked me a bit about how I organise my albums so I thought I would share that here also.  My way of organising is pretty simple.  Although I have been scrapbooking for a few years I am not really a fast or prolific scrapbooker (and I am ok with that) and my crafting time has also been making cards, canvases etc.

What that means is that I mostly have pages about my children and family and the things we do.  I don’t have too many pages about things we do with or about extended family (aside from Christmas).  So I have an album for each of my children,  couple that keep my pocket pages/everyday life pages and one that has pages about my husband and I, our relationship etc.  I have a couple of pages about my grandmother, my mum and my dad that I also keep in this album at the moment.

In the future I would like to record and tell more stories about our wider family, so I will probably need to think about how I organise and collect those.  I hadn’t really given it any thought at all until Debbie Hodge starting talking about creating a NEW class on Curating Albums.  This class will help you do more than just organise your albums but help you ‘curate’ those albums and stories.  Her class isn’t about creating new themed albums but identifying themes, story lines and favourite conversations etc.  Her description of the class is much better than mine so you can read what she has to say about it here.

There is an early bird discount on the class now til Monday 20th (American time), so if you are interested now is a good time to check it out.

So at the moment my way of organising is pretty simple but if you have other ways of organising your albums then I would love to hear them.

Thanks for stopping by.


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