But I am Lucky

Hi everyone,

Today’s layout is a story about luck and my daughter’s insistence that she was lucky.  If any of you have ever been fishing you would probably have experienced those times when you don’t catch anything.  Well luckily for my children, my Dad has good knowledge of fishing, where and when to take the kids so they have the best chance of catching fish.  So far he has a perfect record and feels the pressure 🙂

But back to the layout.  I die cut the fish using my cricut expression and sewed them to the background to give texture, give the feeling of abundance and mimic the idea of fishing line.  I use a mix of natural textures, elements that tones with my photo and a variety of lettering to give a nautical and fun feeling to the page.  If you want more ideas about who to scrapbook stories about luck or being lucky, head on over to the Get Scrapped blog here.  There are 2 days left of Calvinball and loads of layouts in the gallery for inspiration.

If you have any questions about my layout, feel free to leave and comment and I will be sure to reply.

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Lucky Fishing 1

Calvinball and a couple of pages

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of pages to share today.  But first up I will tell you about Calvinball.  It is a fun scrapbooking game created by Celeste Smith and Doris Sanders, where the rules are made up as you go along, change every year and you are trying to get as many pages done in the month as you can.  You can find out more about Calvinball here and don’t worry that it has already started you can still join in. You may need to join the Free membership to be able to view the forums and gallery but it doesn’t cost you anything and isn’t a trick (I tend to be a bit wary of ‘free’ stuff sometimes).  You can even get access to some free classes.  They are a friendly bunch of scrapbookers and yes I am probably biased since I am part of the CT team but I don’t support things I don’t like.  It honestly is a fun place to hang out online.

Make a wish2

This first page is one of my favourite scrapbook pages that I have created.  One of the things I love about Get It Scrapped is the inspiration and the challenge to try different things.  This page was created for the article on the GIS blog about Compositional storytelling.  There are some great examples and an explanation of what the compositional story style is.


This is page is a bit different for me and I found it tricky to get the technique of creating a flat geometric shape to work.  I persevered and shared some of my tips over in the GIS article about using Flat Geometric shapes on your scrapbook pages.  This one has a video blog post.

Well thanks for stopping by and I hope you come over to Get It Scrapped to see about Calvinball.

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