Scrapbooking and Storytelling


Hi everyone,

Over the last few months, with our big trip, a realisation that my ‘baby’ is growing up and the recent passing of a loved one I am reminded that taking photographs, short videos and writing down the stories is so important.  I also am thinking about how to make the best use of my time so I am engaged with my family when we are together and so that I can get the other things – house jobs and other work done too.  I think that along with catching up with sharing my scrapbook pages I will share some other things that are inspiring me too.  For today, I will just share this video that Debbie from Get It Scrapped created about Why your Stories Matter.

Debbie has created a free series about becoming a more motivated and efficient scrapbooker that I think is really helpful, so if you are interested you can check it out here.

I do create pages for Get It Scrapped but that isn’t why I am sharing this – I hope you are inspired to tell more of your own stories either by blogging, scrapbooking, making videos or keeping a diary.  Your life and your stories really do matter.

I’ll be back soon with another scrapbook page and an art journal page that is in progress.

Thanks for stopping by,


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