Cheaper for Lunch – Designs for Speedy Scrapbook Pages

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I tend to be a slow scrapbooker.  Sometimes I over-think things.  But I am getting quicker at making decisions and have a few go-to layout designs that I like to use.  Over on the Get It Scrapped blog a couple of the design team share their go to designs for speeding up their process.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think the goal of memory keeping is to get it done fast all the time, but at times I do think you just want to make sure those stories get recorded.  So sometimes having a few basic designs that you just know work can really help.

For me, I like the band foundation (which is basically a band that runs across the page); three photos in row and the one I have used for this layout – diagonal flow.  If you are interested in learning more about scrapbook design foundations Debbie has a free guide that you can download in the blog article – speeding up their process with go to designs for getting started.

This page tells the story of a day where my son and I were possibly going to meet my husband for lunch but instead we went to the local Bunnings to get one item and came home with a whole bunch of plants, after my son asked for just one plant.  Impulsive shopping for plants is something that we tend to do.


For this page I used a fairly symmetrical base and then created the diagonal flow using a mix of mists.

Some other tips to speed things up that are not specifically related to design are:

1. Use a partially premade background.

2. Use paper towel to pick up excess mist and speed up drying time.

3. Use the thin tube inside your spray mists to flick dots across your page rather than a paint brush and  then dab with paper towel (I was able to use 10 shades of mist without colours mixing and completed this whole page in 40 minutes)

4. Handwrite journalling using it as part of your design  – in this page it frames the photo and adds to the diagonal flow.

5. Hand draw a border.

6. Don’t be fussy with your letter sticker placement.

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Art journal page – in progress

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Every so often, I am taking moments to do some art journalling.  I enjoy the aspect of play that I have when I create an art journal page.  Sometimes I have an idea or visual picture in my mind of what I want to create and other times it is purely play with no plans at all.  For this page, I did have inspiration and knew I wanted to create a hand reaching towards tear drops or rain, with a vibrant purple dress.

art journal page

The background blue, the dress and hand were created using gelatos and the the drops were created using Dylusions spray inks.  It is important to wait for the drips to dry in between if you don’t want the colours to mix and have more control of how fear the drips go down the page.  I have added some splatters of red paint to be symbolic but the red also works really well with the purple too.

This page is in progress but I thought I would share anyway.  With my art journal pages I am less concerned with getting them ‘finished’ and am happy to just work on them when I feel like it.

If you like playing with paper, inks, paints or other art supplies, art journalling is a fun way to experiment without worrying about the end result.

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