A sketch, a page and my December Story

Hi everyone,

A few things to catch up on today – a couple of layouts but I also wanted to share about Debbie’s Your December Story class that you can get over at Get It Scrapped.  This class is different to other December classes I have taken from different people and prompts me to include stories and photographs that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought about.  I really love that about it and I would definitely recommend it.  If you want more info head over here (it has video, audio as well as written pdfs).  Note: I am part of the Creative Team at Get It Scrapped but if I didn’t like something I wouldn’t promote it.

This year I am making another December album using some of the prompts from the Your December Story classes and probably some of the ideas that Ali Edwards shares on her blog.  I don’t tend to do make a big thing of the individual days but this year I thought I would try that a bit more.  I think share some of it in January but it is definitely still work in progress.

For now though I have a couple of layouts to share.  This first one was created by using one of the sketches in the Sketch library at Get It Scrapped.  I don’t tend to use sketches that much but I can see that they are a great way of speeding up your process and getting pages done faster. when I do use them I really enjoy making the page.  I was really happy with how this sketch worked well for one of the photographs I took just after we arrived in Rome on our big trip.  You can see the sketch and other pages made using it for inspiration here.

rome lo sketch

This second page was created for the Get It Scrapped article about using lots of photos on your page.  I think of this as a cluster of smaller photos around the large focal point photo.  To see other ways to use lots of photos on your page you can check out the article here.  Lots of great ideas that can be used to get those holiday/Christmas photographs scrapbooked!

selfie lo.jpg

I have some cards I have created so will be back to share them too and this year I have a nice space for the kids advent calendars so will have to take a pic of that to share.

Hope you are having a good December and thanks for stopping by,