Ninjago Cake and Piñata

Hi everyone,

Some of my creative time this week went into making a piñata and Ninjago birthday cake for my son’s birthday party, so I thought I would share.  I have never made a piñata before so I looked up some instructions and used this homemade paste recipe  to make the glue for it.  My son wanted it to look like a bad guy so I googled some lego products to find an image of Lord Gamardon and painted a simple face on it.  He was very impressed when he came home after school and saw it.  I did 3 layers of newspaper and it took the kids a little while to get it open but not long enough for them to get bored of hitting it.

My son’s favourite Ninjago character is Kai so I looked a google images and saw some amazing cakes.  After looking I decided to try my hand at using fondant.  This was a bit of learning exercise and the cake is a bit bumpy even with the ganache under it.  I couldn’t get a small tub of black fondant so ended up painting with the black food colouring.  It would have looked better I think if I had been able to get the black fondant.  I bought a black edible ink pen to do the eyes and then decided that I would have a go at drawing on the cake.  So off to google again to look up images of Kai. He has a few different costumes and normally the dragon on his shirt is gold but I didn’t have gold so just made do with the black.  I made the hands with liquorice since I didn’t have black fondant.  The cake was a hit with the kids.

Thanks for stopping by.  I have a yellow and black card to share this week and  I will be back soon with some more layouts for Get I t Scrapped.