Scrapbooking Organiser

Hi everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I put together the scrapping organiser by Kaisercraft.  You buy it as flat wood and then decorate it however you want and glue it together.  I used some papers from the Kaisercraft Base Coat collection and some Picket Fence distress paint.  In the drawer I am keeping memorabilia and some of my kids drawings, to be put into my album later.  In the sections I am keeping assorted 3×4 journalling cards and some 4×6 cards as well as photos that I have already printed.  I am also keeping some washi tapes and both a black and white pen.  In the larger back section I am keeping smaller alphas and some embellishment packs.  I am surprised by how much stuff I can fit in it and I am finding it really easy to pull stuff out and then put it away (which is always a bonus).  I also move it into my lounge room sometimes and work on my album in front of the Tv or get the kids to write on some of the cards.  If you have other ways of storing your pocket scrapbooking supplies I would love to hear them.

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Storage Solutions – The Clip It Up

Hey everyone,

I like to see how other people store their supplies so I thought I would share this pic of my Clip It Up.  I was very excited to when I got the second level of my clip it up and did a bit of a tidy up.  I love that I can see so much more of my supplies -the old and the new.  I thought I would share as I get ideas of how to store my stuff when I look at what others are doing (not because I get any benefit from showing the clip it up).  Most of my crafting is done at the kitchen table at the moment so my supplies need to be portable and easy to find.  I keep most of my major tools in a tote bag that I can take anywhere.

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